Upen Patel looking for an image change?

Yeh dosti..
Howdee doo hoo my plum cakes! What’s happening in your duniya? Plenty in mine I must say.. a friend wants me to cheer him up while he zips, zaps, zooms his newest racing car in Hong Kong for the next Formula 1 event. I love speed too much to be a mere spectator. I’d rather wait for Vyjjy to get me my own Ferrari and then I’ll go zip, zap, zoom too. Till then, here are some spicy nuggets from tinsel town. Imran-avantika

So listen.. we’ve heard about actresses attending events for their boyfriends and actors showing their support for their steady dates. But an abhineta making a friendly appearance for a contemporary is something that my momma and granny used to talk about. Continue reading

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Upen Patel on his role in ‘Hum Aap Aur Pyaar’

‘Hum Aap Aur Pyaar’ is going to be the next major release of Upen Patel where he would be seen as a central protagonist.

As the title of the film conveys, ‘Hum Aap Aur Pyaar’ is a musical romantic entertainer with dollops of comedy thrown in, something that makes Upen quite hopeful about the film’s prospects.

“I have always maintained that I love commercial Hindi cinema. This is the reason why I am here and these are the kind of projects I want to do”, says Upen who started his career with a thriller [36 China Town], followed it up with two dramatic films [Namaste London, Shakalaka Boom Boom] and continued with two back to back comedies [One Two Three, Money Hai To Honey Hai].

“Meanwhile, I was also itching for that one romantic musical to come my way. I love dancing and singing around the trees and on the streets for the camera. I have a filmy taste bud and was in the lookout of that perfect script that would convince me to don the role of a romantic protagonist”, says Upen who was first noticed for his hunky physique before being seen on the big screen.

Though there were offers of all kinds, including romantic films as well, Upen wanted to have a thorough look at a script before giving his consent to a role.

“There are temptations, especially when you are just starting off in your career. However, this is the time period when the risks are also higher. One wrong move and it becomes difficult for you to stand up”, says Upen with a word of caution. Continue reading

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Upen Patel surprises his friends

riendships are for keeps and who better to vouch for this, than the hunky Upen Patel, who recently got back to Mumbai from Ooty, where he was shooting for Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani.

He got a call from an old friend in London , who had a baby and his friend wished Upen was in London with him and his family to celebrate this joyous moment. Continue reading

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Upen Patel appreciated for his professionalism

One young man out there who is quietly going on with his work without unnecessarily making news for any wrong reasons is Upen Patel. Though he was very much visible in the party circuits till about a year back and was noted for his night life and quite a few romantic rendezvous, currently Upen has been completely taken up his work.

As a result, Upen is now seeing an altogether different perception about him being built. After being picked by many for his presence in films like ONE TWO THREE and MONEY HAI TO HONEY HAI where he didn’t have much to do, he is now seeing appreciation coming from none other than Rajkumar Santoshi who is directing him in AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI.

As per sources, so impressed was Santoshi with Upen’s dedication and performance in one of the recent schedules that he pronto sent across a SMS acknowledging his contribution and hard work in the film. Continue reading

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Upen Patel does mornings!

How do we know? Well, because we do mornings, too, dahlings!

This London bred model-turned-actor (please don’t ask us his filmography!) was at the gym in the wee hours… For an early morning shot, he was up even before the local doodhwala arrived, and made his way to the gym! Post his workout, he reported to Rajkumar Santoshi’s sets at sharp 7 am, much before the unit members. Continue reading

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