Interview: UPEN PATEL

What’s your take on ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom?

I am very happy that I have gotten such huge break with this film. Though I have done a couple of films earlier, I consider ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’ as my launching pad.

Your thoughts about working with Bobby Deol?

He is one of the secured stars. He never feels insecure with new artiste. He supported me very well during the making of ‘Shakalaka a Boom Boom’.

But what about the rumours of a rift between you and he during the making of the film?

There was nothing like that. That’s the problem with me, controversy follows me. Sometimes it’s about my films, sometimes about personal life. I can’t help it.

Since you play singer, did you do any particular homework while preparing for the role?

I don’t believe in workshops. I am incisive artist.

Tell us about the film’s music.

As you know, already its huge hit, music plays a very big role in a film’s success.

Did you feel that you are finally accepted in Hindi cinema?

I am on verge of that. When I came to Hindi cinema people said I couldn’t speak Hindi, I couldn’t perform. But with each film, people’s evaluation about me is changing.

How you select your films?

I am here to do pure commercial films and not festival films. I want to work with good established producers and directors.

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