Upen Patel upset over being sidelined

Actor Upen Patel is upset that director Ashwini Dheer ignored him at the music launch of the upcoming comedy One Two Three .

Though Upen has just a marginal role in the film, he and Ashwini could not see eye-to-eye on many issues while shooting the film. There were constant arguments between Upen and Ashwini on the sets.

At the end of it all, Ashwini was so miffed with Upen that at the editing table he decided to delete Upen’s item song from the film altogether, even though the actor had completely shot for it.

And at the music launch of ‘One Two Three’ a few days back, Ashwini made public his dislike for Upen when he called every single actor associated with the movie on stage except Upen, whom the director simply chose to ignore.

In Upen’s words, he was “shell-shocked and humiliated” at being treated this way. Upen opines that it is normal for an actor and director to have differences while working together, but he doesn’t believe that a spat should be carried beyond the sets.

Upen feels Ashwini humiliated him because he (Upen) is an outsider and doesn’t come from a strong filmi family.

Apart from ‘One Two Three’, Upen will also be seen doing comedy in Ganesh Acharya’s film Money Hai Toh Honey Hai .

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